wKillcx : close a TCP connection (for Windows)

wKillcx is a small command-line utility to close any TCP connection under Windows XP/Vista/Seven as well as Windows Server 2003/2008. The source code (assembly language) is included with the binary.

If you are looking for the same tool for Linux OS, please check killcx instead.

I - Overview :

wKillcx works by browsing the TCP connection table to find any matching connection. If any, it will kill it by changing its state to MIB_TCP_STATE_DELETE_TCB inside a MIB_TCPROW structure and send it with the SetTcpEntry API. The TCP connection table is either found with the AllocateAndGetTcpExTableFromStack API under Windows XP SP1/Server 2003 or with the GetExtendedTcpTable API under any more recent version of Windows.
Note that, of course, you must have administrative privileges to kill a connection otherwise wKillcx will fail.

II - Parameters :

   syntax   : wkillcx [dest_ip:dest_port]

   example  : wkillcx

dest_ip and dest_port are the remote IP and port.

III - Download :

wkillcx.tgz - v1.0.2 - (c) Jerome Bruandet

View ASM source

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